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Company Description

We are a small software development and research company headquartered in Chicago. Our team is focused on Fintech projects designed to leverage big data and machine learning in the financial markets. Our software product is an innovative, customizable, fully automated technical analysis charting and monitoring platform for active traders and market analysis professionals. We pride ourselves in solving complex problems in simple ways and on finding interesting new ways to solve analysis problems in creative ways. 


We are seeking an experienced full stack software engineer / senior developer to join our Agile software development team. 

Skills / Requirements

  1. Node.js
  2. ES6
  3. Front-end/back-end experience
  4. Angular
  5. Docker

The following skills are not required but are helpful:

  1. C++, C# or Java experience 
  2. Experience in financial markets, stock charts, candlestick charts, and/or trading software

Compensation / benefits

  • Salary offered hourly, or negotiated salary based on experience  
  • Paid holidays for all US market holidays
  • Company sponsored group health insurance (US W-2 employees)
  • Remote position - work from home
  • Company get togethers several times a year for team to meet 

To Apply

Please answer the following questions in your cover letter when applying online via this form. Walk ins and phone calls are not accepted, the only way to apply is via this form. 

1. What’s your most recent (last 12 months preferred) pet project? What’s it about? How is it doing today?

2. What’s the name of last commercial project you were involved into (last 12 months preferred)? What was your role, what you were actually focusing on?

3. What does the word 'abstraction' mean to you?  Why do abstractions matter when you write code?

4. Imagine a project with a front-end powered by pure jQuery (that’s not us, but anyways). Why do you think would the developers of the project choose this route? 

5. We are currently using Angular 1. Would you suggest that we migrate to Angular 5? Or maybe React? Why? 

6. What are the most recent 4 books/articles/manuals [related to being a software engineer] you have read?

7. Please share a piece of ES6 code [written by you] that you are most proud of. 

8. Imagine that we've got a class called String, which handles strings of characters, duh! We're going to add a new method, like String.prototype.unzip(), which treats content of this string as base64-encoded ZIP file, then unpacks it and returns the result. What are your thoughts about that? What approach would you suggest? What questions would you ask? 

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