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DevOps Engineer

TrendSpider is a full featured platform for traders and our audience is quite demanding (certain microservices handle 100K+ updates per minute). Our platform handles a significant payload related to financial market data, and our users depend on us to be robustly available at all times, so we must deliver. As a DevOps engineer, your responsibility would be to make sure that we’re running smoothly and scaling efficiently at all times. Your goal would be 100% service availability 24x7 with a high degree of performance and speed.

Here’s a list of technologies you will need to be familiar with:

  • AWS ecosystem (RDS, EC2, ElastiCache e.t.c.)

  • Docker Swarm

  • Mysql and Postgresql in depth

  • Nginx

  • Websockets

  • Microservice-based architecture

  • Having experience with Traefik and/or Varnish would be a bonus

  • Having experience with Terraform would be a bonus

At TrendSpider, your contribution can make a real difference to thousands of traders around the world as we change and revolutionize the trading technology field. Your work will have an immediate impact on real users the moment we push your changes out. You’re not going to be coding internal utilities nobody wants or uses; your work will matter, immediately. 

TrendSpider is a good place to work. Here’s why:

  • Minimum-to-no hierarchy and bureaucracy. Time from idea to product can be VERY short. 

  • Your contribution can make a real difference. You’re not going to be coding internal utilities nobody wants; your work will impact real customers immediately. 

  • Competitive salaries and benefits tailored to your skills and capabilities. 

Check out our website to know more about the company and our quest for better technical analysis 

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